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Data for Decision Making

DanceWorks Chicago

DanceWorks Chicago had a hypothesis: there are Chicago residents who were not traditional dance supporters, who would be attracted to their mission to support early career artists.

To test their theory, they conducted market research and it confirmed their hypothesis. The results yielded a suite of possible new outreach activities that might help them reach potential new supporters.  But where to start?

The board and staff used a ranking process to weigh each idea by the amount of effort it would take, potential impact, and cost. This information gave them the clarity they needed to prioritize activities and act upon the data from their research. 

Next Steps

  • Take our free online course, Looking as We Leap, to discover how to use data to make a decision.
  • Participating organizations can use data from their Cultural Data Profile to evaluate their own fundraising with DataArts' fundraising report (sample below).