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Forthe Workforce

A Benchmark for Workplace Diversity

A 5-minute secure and comprehensive survey to collect demographic and workplace perceptions anonymously.

What We Offer

Survey Option 1 - Community Study

Our secure survey to collect respondent demographics for community organizations and options for partners who study with us. Pricing starts at $2250 for the first 25 organizations (read more in our purchase specs). Includes:

  • On-demand reports 
  • Metrics dashboard for participating organizations
  • Webinar(s) for participating organizations
  • Free access to SMU DataArts Support Center 

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Survey Option 2 - For Each Organization

A secure third party (SMU DataArts) survey to collect up to 100 survey respondents personal demographic statistics. Survey collects stats like race, age, gender, LGBTQ identification and more. Pricing starts at $2250 for the first 25 organizations (read more in our purchase specs). Includes: 

  • Four week study of organization 
  • Set-up and on-boarding with your branded assets
  • Support center access throughout the study
  • Reporting

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Why Use Workforce Demographics?

Understand the composition of your cultural workforce using self-reported data from each individual participant. 

Identify how your sector represents the general population of your area.

Develop perspectives and ideas for decision-making.

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