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Data & Insights on the Impact of COVID-19 on Arts & Culture

The unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has raised countless questions about our future. Nonprofit cultural organizations have been overwhelmed with the challenges they face with less staff and fewer resources than normal or ideal. While strategy and structure will somehow have to adapt to the next-normal that lies ahead. 

It is our mission to empower arts and cultural leaders with as much high-quality data and evidence-based resources as possible to not only weather through this storm but to develop sustainable action for a thriving future. 

SMU DataArts has created a reliable, robust dataset that integrates data on over 40,000 arts organizations with arts purchase data, public funding data, and community data to help us answer questions that are top-of-mind for arts and cultural professionals. Our research team is constantly working on studies that dive into trends and findings that matter most to you. 

COVID-19 Sector Benchmark Dashboard

A free dashboard that provides near real-time intelligence and advice to help arts leaders see results as they respond to the pandemic. This project was developed by TRG Arts, SMU DataArts' longtime partner in advancing the arts and culture sector, in collaboration with U.K.-based audience analytics company Purple Seven. 

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