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Keeping Up on Nonprofit Sector News

  • Posted Apr 05, 2019

Living in a 24-hour-news-cycle world can get overwhelming. At times, we may see repeated coverage on the same story from multiple outlets and other times it may feel as if there aren’t enough hours in the day to keep up with it all.

Staying in the know on nonprofit news can help guide you and your efforts, whether that’s as a leader in an arts and cultural organization or as an advocate for the arts sector as a whole. We’ve selected 5 newsletters from various organizations that specifically report on news related to the nonprofit sector and philanthropy.

Nonprofit Quarterly

Innovative thinking for the nonprofit sector. This newsletter is great for anyone who wants to receive daily news on trends affecting philanthropy, charities, and nonprofits in a very straightforward format. 

Nonprofit Quarterly (NPQ) is an independent nonprofit news organization on a mission to provide quality information to help nonprofit leaders, charitable foundations, educators, independent activists, and others to perform with the most useful information on their side.

NPQ initially launched as a national print journal in the winter of 1999 featuring credible, research-based articles for nonprofit leaders about management and governance. Its editorial profile has now evolved to include issues related to the operating environment for nonprofits, such as public policy and philanthropy.

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Chronicle of Philanthropy

Chronicle of Philanthropy offers three free subscriptions to choose from: a daily newsletter, a weekly newsletter, and a newsletter specifically about fundraising. If you have some money to put toward subscriptions, they also offer two premium upgrades for more in-depth, featured articles.

Their goal is to provide data-driven research reports and articles as well as great insights that fuel national conversation about the role nonprofits play in society. For more storytelling content, this is the newsletter to subscribe to.

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TaxVox Blog

Whether you want to know more about tax policies in general or specifically how tax policy changes relate to the nonprofit sector, this blog offers digestible information and opinions from leading experts in the field.

TaxVox Blog is provided by the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center (TPC), which aims to provide the public with analyses of current and long-term tax issues. Their team is made up of nationally recognized experts in tax, budget, and social policy.

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This quarterly newsletter is designed to generate conversations about issues faced by those of us working in the nonprofit sector. It offers tips and tools about applying for grants as well as information on its grantmaker review platform.

Its goal is to provide nonprofit leaders a public, anonymous platform to ask questions and give and receive feedback. This also provides a way for grantmakers to hear from the public and put forth guided efforts to improve the grant application process.

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SMU DataArts

Our quarterly e-newsletter is geared specifically for arts and cultural organizations, containing first-person perspectives on key issues that organizations across the nation face as well as helpful resources and insightful research to foster data-driven decision making at your organization.

SMU DataArts is an arts and cultural research center at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. Our flagship service is the Cultural Data Profile, which offers organizations a seamless and secure platform to upload data and apply for grants. Through this database and multiple partnerships, we conduct studies on the health of the arts and cultural nonprofit sector in America.


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