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From the Author: The Anchor Project

  • Posted Feb 21, 2019

The Anchor Project was a fascinating 2-year endeavor that investigated the question, “how can anchor cultural institutions in low income communities and communities in transition make maximum artistic, social and economic impact?

Our team studied three (3) sites in different States that were all very different in terms of size and program focus, but had many similarities regarding the challenges they faced delivering meaningful service and visionary events to both local residents and visitors.


The full report is loaded with data and information, but, ultimately, we arrived at some key “takeaways” that we believe offer important pathways to success. Our contention is simply that, adhering to these concepts will bring more money, more firepower and more status to your organization, as well as better outcomes for your audience.


Embrace the anchor mission to align core institutional purpose with values and place-based, economic, human and intellectual resources to better the welfare of the community in which the anchor resides.


Engage in mutually respectful partnerships with other arts organizations and cross sector institutions, such as, universities and libraries.


Focus on delivering bold, imaginative program initiatives that energize your staff and Board, attract attention and bring glory to your organization.