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Center for an Urban Future Report on New York’s Creative Sector

  • Posted Jul 02, 2015

A new report from the Center for an Urban Future draws on data from the Cultural Data Project and other sources to look into the state of New York’s creative sector. In the face of the city’s economic surge and changing political environment, Creative New York finds working artists, nonprofit arts organizations, and for-profit creative firms face more intense challenges than ever before. The report’s author, Adam Forman, offers more than 20 recommendations for overcoming the chief obstacles to success. Among the report’s findings from CDP financial data on New York City organizations: mid-sized organizations are under threat with only 7% of total reported individual and board contributions going to those or smaller institutions.

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"From museums to film studios, the creative sector is one of New York City’s most important economic assets. But the city’s working artists, nonprofit arts groups and for-profit creative firms face a growing number of challenges."

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