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Raven Hill Discovery Center, East Jordan, MI. Raven Hill Discovery Center, East Jordan, MI.

Raven Hill Discovery Center

  • Posted Feb 25, 2016

Raven Hill Discovery Center is the only place in northern Lower Michigan where science, history and art connect for children and adults through hands-on activities and explorations, both indoors and outdoors. Connections emerge through classes, exhibits and facilities that provide opportunities for all ages to learn, create, grow and play. Raven Hill Discovery Center is also a regional science and technology center, as well as a cultural, historical and art center.

The Challenge

The Center aims to ensure its longevity by implementing succession plans and acquiring the resources, such as staffing, marketing, and knowledge, needed to fulfill its mission and secure funding and facilities sufficient to operate programs. “Raven Hill has historically had a small staff with little to no capacity to interpret data. We haven’t had time to use data and data analysis to increase the number of visitors to our Center or expand our member and donor base,” said Cheri Leach, CEO and Director of Programming, Raven Hill Discovery Center.

How DataArts Helps

The Center began using DataArts’ Cultural Data Profile (CDP), tools, and resources to collect information and improve business practices to meet visitor needs in terms of facilities, exhibits, and programs. “The CDP has been invaluable to Raven Hill. It provides a guide for what data to collect, the platform for its entry, and an efficient means to produce our Annual Report and required Funder’s Reports for grant applications. In this way, the CDP has helped the Center work towards and achieve a goal of improved data collection and reporting.”

DataArts, in a Word

Essential. Data collection and analysis is a continuing process. DataArts has allowed Raven Hill to focus on specific essential information. By using the CDP and other statistical sources on a regular basis, we are pushing past our previous limited measurements. Consistently using all data to reflect, plan, implement, and evaluate our programs, exhibits, and facilities, Raven Hill is now poised to meet new challenges.”

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