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The KIPI Dashboard is Now Automated so Nonprofit Arts Leaders can Access their FY2020 KIPI Scores Immediately

  • Posted Jul 07, 2021

DALLAS (SMU) – July 7, 2021 – SMU DataArts’ KIPI (Key Intangible Performance Indicator) Dashboard now offers automated reporting so organizational leaders can get a deeper understanding of their organization’s position immediately after completing the Cultural Data Profile (CDP) survey.

The KIPI Dashboard is a personalized and confidential metrics dashboard that allows arts organizations to easily track performance across nine key areas, including expenses, contributed revenue, and community engagement. We understand that part of the re-opening strategy includes an assessment of one’s current position in order to develop plans for recovery while also strategizing for long-term sustainability. If an organization has already entered its FY2020 data in the CDP, new scores are waiting. Otherwise, the available KIPI scores will reflect the most recent year of data provided.

Use KIPI scores to: 

  • Get a deeper understanding of how intangible aspects like good decision-making, intellectual capital, reputation, and relationships drive performance. All of which have been particularly important over the last year.
  • Evaluate trends over a maximum of five years to identify significant events, such as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Share stories using data-driven insights with board members and funders to help inform and strengthen relationships during this time of recovery.


At SMU DataArts, we strive to make data useful and accessible to arts leaders across all disciplines, sizes, and locations. If you would like to share feedback about the platform, please feel free to contact us.


What is a KIPI? How Do I See my KIPI Scores?

Get an overview description of the KIPI Dashboard and how it’s powered, how to make necessary edits within CDP to access the dashboard, and other general notes. Read more.

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