The Cultural Data Project is becoming

Data Arts

DataArts is the convergence of data, art, and culture. This new name reflects our evolution beyond data collection and reporting, and advances a new field of practice and set of resources for cultural leadership in the twenty-first century.

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What does this mean?

Beginning in 2016, the Cultural Data Project will have a new name, enhanced technology platform, and more resources and services that will help our users glean important insights and generate useful conclusions from the organizational data we collect.

DataArts is the interchange where cultural organizations, grantmakers, researchers, and advocates meet and provides an unparalleled perspective and opportunity for collaboration. Together, we are creating an indispensable national resource for and about the arts, culture, and humanities–helping us all make the case that, indeed, culture counts.

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What to expect

DataArts will officially launch along with the new Cultural Data Profile in the first quarter of 2016.

  • DataArts will be home to the new Cultural Data Profile (still called the CDP) and will serve as a single, central platform for consolidated surveys fielded by partnering arts service organizations.
  • A tailored and responsive Data Profile, a user-friendly survey interface, and enhanced learning and management resources will combine to make your experience easier and more useful.
  • A vibrant new national website will host the DataArts platform.
  • All historic data will be transferred, safe and sound, and support will be just a click, email, chat, or call away.

Until then, current participants may complete and submit data profiles, access historic data, run reports,
and review applicant pools using the existing CDP interface.

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What's on the horizon

CDP survey pilot

A small group of organizations will help us test and refine the new responsive Cultural Data Profile before our national launch. During this period, current CDP users will continue to complete their Data Profiles as they always have, and will access their existing data and reports through our national website at

DataArts and the new Cultural Data Profile Launch

Our name change becomes official with the launch of the DataArts national website and the new Cultural Data Profile in 2016. All historic data and profiles will be available in the new platform. At this time, additional Data Profiles can be created and submitted using the new system. Click here to be notified of progress and when the new platform is ready for your use.

More enhancements

Throughout the coming months we will add more features and reports, a management center, and educational resources. Check back often to see what’s new.

Introducing the new Cultural Data Profile

With your feedback, we have made significant changes to the Cultural Data Profile, creating a more intuitive and visual interface, a tailored user experience, and streamlined process. For each of our three user communities, the new Data Profile and DataArts platform will provide the tools and resources to put data to work for their cultural initiatives.

  • Arts & Cultural Organizations can input and analyze data to strengthen their businesses and build support for their work.
  • Grantmakers can gain insight into their applicants’ needs and discover ways to enhance their philanthropic impact.
  • Researchers and Advocates can access detailed data to explore critical questions for the advancement of the arts, cultural policy, and society at large.

How will this
affect me?

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How will this transition affect me?

Whether you are a cultural manager or grantmaker, you will benefit from an easy-to-use, intuitive, and more relevant experience when the new platform launches.

Until then, you will continue to use the Data Profile as you normally have. The only change is that cultural organization users will log in through the Cultural Data Project’s national website ( versus the state site you may have used in the past.

When the new system launches, you will be asked to create an individual user login in order to access the DataArts platform. Once you've created your login, found your organization's account, or started a new organization account, you will be ready to begin creating your Data Profiles.


Can I still access my Data Profiles or my applicant information before the transition?

Yes. Your organizational accounts and Data Profiles will remain active and can be accessed by logging in at

Once we bring your data into the new system you will not need to return to the old. All your historic information will be waiting for you in the DataArts platform.


How will I know my data is being transferred?

We will give you advance notice of the timing of the data migration, and will ensure that no grant deadlines are compromised. Our Support Center associates will be standing by to answer any questions you may have.

DataArts and the new Cultural Data Profile will launch in early 2016, at which time all participants will be notified once their data has been transferred to the new system.


Will this affect my grant deadlines?

Grant deadlines are set each year by participating grantmakers, not by DataArts or the CDP. We do not anticipate any changes in deadlines due to the changes in the Data Profile, unless grantmakers opt to make them. Please be sure to check your grantmakers’ websites for the most current information on their programs.


Do I still have to log in to my state CDP site?

All users may now log in to the system through our national website,


Who can I contact with questions?

During our transition, please contact our Support Center via email at or call 877-707-DATA