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Cultural Alliance used Pennsylvania CDP data to beat arts tax deal and encourages use of CDP reports

  • Posted Oct 19, 2009

The long overdue Pennsylvania state budget had included a projected $100-$120 million that would be generated by taxing ticket sales and memberships to arts and cultural organizations–until the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance (Cultural Alliance) stepped in. Using the Pennsylvania CDP’s reliable data, the Cultural Alliance was able to illustrate that lifting the tax exemption on tickets to arts events would not bring in nearly the projected amount and successfully defeated the arts tax initiative.

Having proven once more that CDP’s annual data collection can be used effectively to influence policy, the Cultural Alliance  is now encouraging members to utilize CDP tools for more than just grant applications.

“If your main reason for entering data into Pennsylvania CDP has been to quickly and easily generate funder reports, you may be missing out on ways to use your organization’s data to satisfy other reporting needs. Pennsylvania CDP data can also be used to generate annual, trend, and comparison reports for key stakeholders such as legislators, board members, and accountants.”

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