If you’re a participating grantmaker interested in learning about getting started with Grantmaker CDP, please contact us at to sign up for a webinar! We look forward to helping you get started with this new resource.

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Online Access for Participating Grantmakers

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Grantmaker CDP is CDP’s new online interface for participating grantmakers. Through Grantmaker CDP, funders now have hands-on access to their applicants’ CDP data. They can log in for instant access to the CDP Funder Reports that their applicants have provided as part of an application or reporting deadline, and view the full Data Profiles for the fiscal years included in their Funder Reports – complete with the same CDP line-item definitions their applicants saw when filling out the form.

Powerful Analytic Reports

Trend Report

Grantmaker CDP also gives grantmakers access to the same powerful trend and comparison reporting features that arts and cultural organizations have been using to inform their strategic planning.

Grantmakers who need to demonstrate the impact of their dollars can now quickly and easily pull a personnel report to show the total number of jobs that their applicants and grantees create, or run a program activity report to view the total number of people who attended their grantees’ events for free in the past year.

Grantmaker CDP lets funders run trend reports to see how their applicants or grantees are faring over time, as well as comparison reports, to compare the needs of their applicant pool to a group of similar organizations across the country. Ultimately, Grantmaker CDP will help funders to better support the needs of the arts and cultural sector, by giving them new tools for their strategic planning and program evaluation.

Learn More

If you’re a participating grantmaker interested in learning more about getting started with Grantmaker CDP, please sign up for one of our upcoming orientation webinars! We look forward to helping you get started with this new resource.

If you’re a grantmaker who’s not yet using the CDP in your grantmaking and you’d like to learn more about what the process entails, please contact CDP staff . We would be happy to provide more information.

If you’re an arts and cultural organization using the CDP, rest assured that the CDP takes your privacy seriously. Your Data Profiles will only be shared with your funders when you submit their Funder Report and confirm that you’re ready to share your information electronically with that funder. As always, your Data Profile notes are your private resource and will never be shared with your funders.

For any additional questions about Grantmaker CDP, please feel free to call 855-322-DATA (855-322-3282).

Arts & Cultural Organizations

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