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“The arts and cultural sector stands to benefit, just as other industries already do, from the business intelligence and customer insight made possible through the use of high quality data and analytics. In a world awash in information, the arts and cultural sector will benefit from a sector-wide shift in thinking and practices that places as much emphasis on creating the training, tools, and filters needed for using data thoughtfully, as on the collection of the data resources themselves.”

- Beth Tuttle, President and CEO, Cultural Data Project



The CDP commissioned Chicago-based Slover Linett Audience Research to convene a group of 11 leading researchers from academia and the consulting world in an online dialogue about the current state of the cultural data landscape:

  • Alan Brown, WolfBrown
  • Anne Gadwa Nicodemus, Metris Arts Consulting
  • John Jacobsen, White Oak Institute
  • Roland J. Kushner, Muhlenberg College
  • Larry McGill, The Foundation Center
  • Ian David Moss, Fractured Atlas
  • Susan Nelson, TDC
  • Jennifer Novak-Leonard, Cultural Policy Center at the University of Chicago
  • Zannie Voss, National Center for Arts Research
  • Joanna Woronkowicz, Indiana University
  • Margaret Wyszomirski, The Ohio State University

New Data Directions

New Data Directions for the Cultural Landscape: Toward a Better-Informed, Stronger Sector, a new report by the CDP, offers an assessment of the state of data collection and use in the arts and cultural sector, and recommends concrete steps toward a more strategic and coordinated approach to developing new knowledge and information resources that improve the sector’s performance, vitality, public impact.

This report was made possible by generous support from The Kresge Foundation.

Webinar: New Data Directions for the Cultural Landscape

Watch our live webinar recorded March 17, 2014, hosted by CDP President and CEO Beth Tuttle, Slover Linett Vice President for Arts & Culture Sarah Lee, and Slover Linett Chairman & Chief Idea Officer Peter Linett.

Get Involved

Throughout 2014, the CDP will convene cultural researchers, funders in the arts, and art and cultural practitioners in ongoing dialogue and planning to develop action strategies to address the report’s findings and recommendations. We hope that many of you will join the conversation and share your perspective with us.

New Data Directions Town Hall Meetings
Date: Wednesday, October 22nd @ 3:00pm – 5:00pm ET
Location: International House Philadelphia
3701 Chestnut Street

More information and registration here.

Town hall meetings have been held in Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, and Boston.

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