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Excerpt from an annual report displaying an organization's financial activity in fiscal years 2006 and 2007

Organizations can instantly generate annual, trend, and comparison reports, including dozens of different detail reports. View a full list of reports (PDF).

Annual reports

Annual reports include tables and graphs summarizing an organization’s financial activity, program activity and attendance. The organization can also add its own descriptions of activities to this powerful report. View a sample annual report (PDF).


The standard analytic reports provide valuable information that can help organizations understand and manage themselves better. These reports also feature “drill down” detail reports that provide further information on each report. Each analytic report can be viewed in two distinct ways:

  • Trend reports look at multiple years of data to help reveal important trends in an organization’s performance and activities over time. View a sample trend report (PDF).
  • Comparison reports compare an organization to other cultural organizations (in aggregate) as a means to benchmark performance using a wide range of comparison criteria. View a sample comparison report (PDF).
Sample budget criteria for a comparison report

Sample geographic region and budget size criteria, used to generate a comparison report.